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Kate's Background and Specialisations

Kate is an experienced illustrator and designer based in Sydney with a portfolio specialising in botanical illustrations. Kate is a proud member of Illustrators Australia and Women Who Draw. Her portfolio showcases her love for flora and fauna illustrations, abstract botanical paintings, and modern botanical pattern designs.

A Love for Art and Design that Began in Childhood

Kate's love for art and design began in her childhood when she studied Fine Art at High School and the University of Warwick as part of her BA (Hons) History of Art Degree. After a career in Advertising Sales and Client Service and raising three children, she pursued her passion for illustration and design by re-training in Graphic Design in 2014 at CATC Design School, Sydney. During this period, Kate rediscovered her love for creating illustrations and designs. Today, she works from her home studio in Sydney while being a devoted mum to her three children and her dog, Axel the Whippet.

Inspiration, Process, and Media: The Art of Botanical Illustration

Kate's passion for botanicals began in her childhood when she grew up in the Kent countryside in England and visited wildflower fields. She particularly loves studying Australian Native Botanicals since moving to Australia in her 20s. Her signature style uses dip pen and ink, and all her ink drawings are drawn freehand following lots of sketches. Kate works closely with her local florists in Sydney to source botanicals to draw. When drawing from life is impossible, she takes photos of local flora from National Parks, Coastal walks, and the Royal Botanical Gardens. She loves the imperfections and unpredictability of working with dip pen and ink, which can take several goes to perfect a design. Kate also uses graphite pencils, watercolours, acrylic paint, and digital rendering for her illustrations.

Bespoke Design Work: Adding a Hand-Crafted Touch to Your Brand

Aside from her illustration work, Kate works with businesses on bespoke design, specialising in branding with a hand-crafted style and incorporating her gorgeous hand-drawn botanical elements. Kate can help with anything from business card design to promotional fliers. She understands the importance of building relationships with clients and customers, working professionally and efficiently, meeting deadlines, and communicating effectively.


Kate's Work Online: Follow Her Creative Journey

If you're interested in Kate's work, you can find her on various online platforms, including Illustrators Australia, Women Who Draw, Instagram (@kategdesigns), and Etsy (KateGrebertDesigns).

Love Kate's unique botanical illustrations? Contact her today to discuss your project requirements and bring a touch of flora to your next project.

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